Delivery is through workshop and project activities. Each contains identified elements of traditional subjects that are combined in a process of individual, shared and collaborative learning. The whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts. Passive recipients become active learners and owners of their learning.

All workshops and projects are designed to allow participants' maximum time in doing and making, whilst at the same time being engaged in creative and collaborative exchange. Some workshops result in large structures, others in smaller scale models and creative representations.

Through prior dialogue with clients, whether these be an individual class teacher or a representative of an umbrella organisation, the approach is designed with particular nuances and emphases in mind.

All evaluations stress the value of the approaches in terms of team-building, self-esteem, confidence and relate especially to Personal, Social & Health Education objectives.

All school-based workshops have National Curriculum content and relate directly to a number and variety of subject areas. The approach is to complement and feed into what is being done well already in schools, by those who know the needs of children / students best - their teachers. As such the workshops can act as an additional stimulus, or as a means of beginning or drawing to a close a particular area of study.

All workshops and projects are delivered in an open / public context with the following in mind:

  • Individual achievement
  • Individuals working and contributing to the effectiveness of small group
  • Groups working and contributing to the effectiveness of the whole, larger group
  • Listening to, valuing and respecting the contributions of all involved
  • Promoting opportunity for creativity
  • Promoting a can-do philosophy
  • Encouraging learners to make connections and so become owners of their learning
  • Inspiring in learners a sense of achievement, curiosity and wonder

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