Building Experiences

Buckinghamshire Education Business Partnership

Teacher Training together with Pupil Workshops.

Over the period of a month in Buckinghamshire primary schools, 400 pupils at KS2, together with 30 teachers experienced workshops selected from Building Structures, Renovate and Sustainable Communities. Funding and training allowed for the provision of resources for each teacher, allowing them to subsequently implement the workshops in their own schools.

Building Structures – sample evaluations

“All the children were actively involved during the whole session. As an LSA I noticed that a visually impaired child was able to work in a group and that his peers were encouraged to help and share. Two other children with special needs were able to join in fully without disrupting the group. Fantastic afternoon – thank you.”

North Marston School.

“I felt the workshop was invaluable because it combined many areas of the curriculum in one simple exercise. The activity would fit in when we do 3D structures in numeracy, but in a PSHE environment. I feel it would be a good way to bring the class together as a group, which mine don’t do at the moment. We have just started circle time and this is an excellent approach to get people to share ideas. I hope to get the additional materials to build the other structures as well.”

Turnfurlong Junior School

“I enjoyed actually getting the construction to touch the ceiling, and when that happened I felt very proud, and felt that all our hard work had paid off. I also enjoyed working in a team and sharing all our ideas. The benefits are that we get to use our imagination without having to write out what we think. We also learn maths in a fun way and actually do it and not read something from a text book.”

“Overall I think the workshop was fun, imaginative and there was lots of team spirit, excitement and most of all – success!”

“If you think your class needs to learn how to co-operate and build up their teamwork abilities, here is the perfect answer. It teaches kids how to work together, respect each other and build up their self-confidence, but most importantly – have fun – with a little science and maths thrown in as well.”

Year 6 pupils - West Wycombe CC School

Renovate – sample evaluations


“The workshop has very good ideas for technology lessons. It would be also very good for team building. An added attraction is that it easy to resource. It would be a good stimulus for work in citizenship, especially if they were to be given the design brief afterwards and so they could see how to adapt the spaces for disabled, elderly etc. They could also examine how the spaces could be utilised for different activities at different times of the day – flexible space etc. I liked the way the children listened to each other when feeding back at the end. The children obviously enjoyed themselves, as did I ! ( the children have already been talking about making their own at home).”

St Augustine’s Catholic Primary

“A very enjoyable session with many practical ideas and opportunities for cross-curricular links. The delivery gave the children many opportunities for thought – ranging from safety to design and real-life issues.

This experience will tie in with DT – shelters, literacy – writing experiences and Art – interiors. It really helped working with the children and seeing how they worked, responded and reacted – bringing to my attention issues I might need to address / think about with my own class. With the time available the session was very worthwhile with opportunities for so much more.”

Thomas Hickman School

Sustainable Communities – sample evaluations

“The workshops helped to stimulate a wide range of ideas and opportunities for the children to consider about the world in which they live now and in the future. It also gave them an opportunity to work together in co-operation and learn how to come to an agreed compromise from a pool of ideas. It extends preliminary work on alternative energy and at the same time develops many of the thinking and problem solving skills we are now using in school. It helps to develop skills in exploring possibilities and therefore improves the children’s design and planning skills. An excellent experience.”

Chenies School


The workshop was excellent for team working. I found it also to be of value in the following ways:

  • It really develops the work we already do on citizenship

  • It enhances speaking and listening strategies we use

  • It allows children who do not usually shine to really achieve in a non-threatening environment

  • It helps geographical concepts to develop

  • It provided a great stimulus for further work and the children are enthusiastic about continuing and developing the approaches

Cadmore C of E Combined School


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