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SETPOINT Devon & Cornwall

Programme of Workshops in Schools

A programme of Workshops delivered in 18 primary, secondary and FE schools and Colleges in the 2 counties. This contract, to be repeated in following years is for the region’s SETPOINT. Locations have included Plymouth, Helston. Hayle, Truro, Perranporth, Ilfracombe, Bideford, and Barnstaple. Workshops included the Giant Tetrahedron, Building Domes, Bridges and Making Models. Over 500 pupils / students, age-range, 8 -17 years.

Sample Staff Evaluations

The Workshop is in line with our curriculum and ethos in the School in the following ways:

  • Team building, and that as a ‘part’ you can achieve much more that individually. It’s a good lesson especially for those who struggle to work as a team, who are ‘leaders’ and who want to express themselves.

  • Inheriting the world and using our knowledge to create, and so leaving the world as we found it, or better.

  • Applying knowledge from different subjects, making links.

  • DT Structures scheme of work, Maths and shape

It might be nice to have an opportunity to use these ideas to create other structures – it may be argued that this Workshop should initiate such ‘creations’ in schools.

Orchard Vale Barnstaple

Excellent links with maths and DT. Our children recently worked on the Shelters unit in DT and a Shape and Space unit of work.
Probably the most important aspects though are to do with collaboration, communication and team work. Also very important concepts which were crucial included, trust and confidence, both of which grew as the activity progressed.
I see the skills and concepts developed will assist in our Outdoor Ed Programme, and our Raising Self Esteem Programme. An excellent session. The children got an immense amount from it.

St Peter’s CE (VA) Plymouth

The Workshop was extremely well organised and well thought out. The children were obviously engrossed in the task which proves that it was suitably focussed. The children were very aware of what they had learned and understood the object of the task. It was great to work with the KS3 children. Can we have more please!?

Helston Community School


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