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Teacher Training and Schools Programme

A programme of 3 Teacher Training sessions for 30 staff, together with Structures workshops in 30 schools throughout the Eastern Area. Further funding support from the region’s Business Education Link-Ed allowed the provision of training materials and resources for teachers. These materials will enable staff to carry out the workshops year on year in their own schools.


I thought that this afternoon’s session was of great value to the children in my class. It was excellent for fulfilling the requirements of speaking and listening in literacy, and PSHE, as the tactics used really encouraged everyone to share their ideas and feel valued. It was especially beneficial with regard to co-operation and team-building skills.
I feel that the children had a great sense of satisfaction and of working as a community. The experience also linked well with mathematics as a lot of shape vocabulary was used and it also links to forces in science.
I have also enjoyed the valuable time to watch my children interact with each other and I will definitely use the materials gained from this session again.

Bocking Primary, Braintree

I felt the main value of this workshop was in developing the spatial awareness of the pupils. The supportive environment which allowed children to express imagination was also in keeping with the School’s ethos.
All my children thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon and I look forward to taking training myself so that I can replicate a similar experience for the rest of the Year 4 children.

Lee Chapel Primary, Basildon

The children found the workshop to be great fun and were delighted with the final outcomes of their efforts. They had to listen very carefully to all the instructions and follow carefully what was required. They also realised that they need a certain level of ‘stamina’ to be successful. The other quality necessary was the ability to work in co-operation with others who were not necessarily their friends or work partners.
The workshop approach created a safe, sound and challenging working environment with clear ‘rules’ and an achievable outcome. It underpins and extends the type of approach that we use at Great Leighs where we are constantly striving for greater independence and initiative for our children.
The children spent the day after the workshop producing a booklet which contained various pieces of work including written accounts, instructions, drawings and letters. This has now formed part of a superb classroom display with photographs of the day. The next part of our work will involve the children in making and creating additional structures using the dowel and bands. They will also be able to ‘cascade’ their skills and knowledge to others in the School.

Great Leighs Primary School, Great Leighs


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