Building Experiences


These workshops allowed me to get back to my student D&T days and re-emphasise the importance of the subject. It has both academic and pastoral implications – especially linked to Citizenship – the current buzz at KS2. The IT aspects are definitely needed and using these workshops I can incorporate relevant IT – how refreshing that will be. I aim on developing the workshops through from Year 3 to a particular focus for Year 6 at this time of year as they prepare for KS3. Thank you for this day.

Denise Smith, Halton Primary

The ideas are really useful across all Key Stages. I can thus see opportunities for whole-school topic work. It was fantastic in its reinforcement of feelings about encouraging imagination / initiative, at valuing skills vs. ‘intellect’ / formal thinking. I will use ideas with learners as young as Foundation to tap into interests / strengths. The IT content was very good and relevant.

C Bennett, St Michael’s Primary


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