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Excellent Morning! The workshops developed the children’s ability to think, listen and work co-operatively. During the workshop the children showed real enthusiasm in what they were asked to do as the workshop was introduced in a positive and motivating way.

The workshop fits into the QCA Shelters scheme of work for D&T that we are currently following in conjunction with the CITB Construction Units. Throughout the workshops the children were able to develop PSHE and Citizenship links, especially in relation to working as a team and listening to other children’s points of view when undertaking the activity. The workshop could be developed by linking the structure to aspects of the numeracy strategy. The model can be used by exploring links made with space, shapes and measure. This could then be used in a numeracy lesson the next day.

G. Hawkins Watton-at-Stone Primary.

This Sustainable Communities workshop provides an intensive course in life skills – something the National Curriculum does not cover but which pupils are expected to develop. During the afternoon pupils have been involved in co-operation, team work and listening. They have experienced respect for their peers and valued the differences in each others ideas. All have been involved and their contribution has been of equal value. They all ended the afternoon feeling brilliantly successful.

This workshop contributes to PSHE, Maths, Science, RE and Art, to list a few subject areas that will benefit. Thank you.

Meg Robinson Martindale Primary


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