Building Experiences

Newham Education Business Partnership

Workshop Programme in Primary Schools

A Workshop Programme delivered in 15 primary Schools in the London Borough for the Education Business Partnership. 450 pupils, age-range 8-11, took part in the Workshops, which included Building Structures and Model Making.

Sample Evaluations

The Workshop went really well. It helped build invaluable team skills that the children will use in all curriculum areas. The Workshop links particularly well with literacy through speaking and listening, PSHE and Design Technology.

St Antony’s Primary London E7

The Workshop was excellent – thoroughly enjoyed by students and staff! It was an excellent opportunity for children to learn about working together, in pairs and in small groups, before working as a whole class. The use of different materials and techniques will be useful in future DT and Art projects. It also added to my teaching knowledge.
The use of illustrations was good and helped to spark imaginations. It was lovely to see children using great imagination to describe 3 bits of wood as a shape / building / Structures. Definitely an idea to reuse in different contexts.

Upton Cross Primary London E13

  • Links with Design Technology unit on Building Structures – Autumn Term

  • Excellent opportunity to develop different skills and techniques

  • Fantastic opportunity to develop creative skills

  • Continuous hypothesis, evaluation and decision making skills required

  • Teamwork and emphasis on each member’s role and contribution

  • Communication and importance of listening and talking is stressed throughout the Workshop

High expectations were set and each pupil left the room with a sense of ownership!

Pupils were also encouraged to reflect on the purpose of life – to make the world a better place - and the role they have to play.

Kier Hardie Primary London E16


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