Building Experiences

Northampton Inspection & Advisory Service / CITB – Drama & Structures

Working with the Curriculum Adviser for Drama, this represented an opportunity to combine two approaches to learning not often used.

The initiative provided Year 7 students from two schools the opportunity to address the issue of Refugees. Students worked collaboratively to:

  • learn and put into practice large scale 3D construction techniques

  • work with a drama specialist to create a fictional environment in which they assume roles in order to explore the way in which refugees adapt to changing environments

  • develop thinking, problem solving and reflective skills

Drama Conventions employed:

  • Group games – “structures”

  • Overheard conversations

  • Placing the text

  • Guided tour

  • Thought tracking

  • Sculpting an image

  • Rolling theatre

“The aspects of this sort of partnership which I thought were valuable, are:

  • The authentic parallels between the structuring of the drama and the construction process to arrive at the structure itself

  • The rigour and discipline of both art forms which enabled the students to take risks within the safety of a highly structured experience

  • The opportunity to team teach and provide “live Inset”, demonstrating highly motivational teaching with class-size groups of mixed ability young people, along with extended time with students and their teachers

  • The provision of meaningful contexts for the development of different registers of language, including metalanguage of design and Theatre

  • The promotion of critical thinking and the recognition of multiple intelligences.“

Paul Bunyan: Curriculum Adviser for Drama, NIAS. Chair of NATE Drama Committee.


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