Building Experiences


Adult training for the Eastern Mentoring Network using a new workshop - Making an Entrance.

Making an Entrance Sample Evaluations

Very enjoyable and thought provoking, and not as expected. I can see an immediate application within the classroom as a means to break down barriers and make introductions with our pupils.

Barry Cooper. Ipswich Town FC Study Centre. Senior Mentoring Co-ordinator

I thought at first it was going to be boring, but once doing the activities I took a different approach by putting myself back at when I was at school and what I had ahead of me – meaning work, life itself. So the workshop was very interesting and offered very good guidelines for young people I hope I take away and learn from it ……… so. Thank you.

Adam Greenfield The Hotel Victoria. Mentor for Year 10 & 11 Students

I am not a mentor directly and therefore can’t use it with young people directly, but I am sure that in that circumstance it would prove to be helpful. I feel that it would have been useful to have a longer day with the activity in the morning and perhaps another input from somebody who could have helped us think about the inner voice – especially of young people and how this can be read / interpreted / used etc.
Otherwise, thoroughly enjoyable!

Sarah Bowen Learning Skills Council


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