Building Experiences

Suffolk Education Business Partnership

Workshop Programme in Mainstream & Special Schools

As part of its promotion of National Construction Week, Suffolk Education Business Partnership engaged Building Experiences to deliver Workshops for the duration of the week in ten of the county’s schools. Workshops were used to promote learning and careers in construction-wide industry and included, Building Domes, Building Bridges, Making Models. 300 pupils age range 9 -16 years took part in the programme.

Sample Evaluations

A great experience for all students. I thought the Workshop enabled children with physical disabilities to participate along with others in the group, so they too could achieve. A great activity for team-building which benefit many students. Everyone was involved and focussed – no one was left out. The Workshop was well introduced and explained and the step-by-step instructions were good.

Beacon Hill School Ipswich

Educationally the Workshop was stimulating and enjoyable. The pupils worked as a team, used their imaginations and stretched themselves more that they would have expected. It helped to increase their concentration, confidence and awareness. It was an experience they would not normally have the opportunity to do, and it was …Fun, Fun!

Hamden House Sudbury

The children learnt a lot about working together. They learnt the value of each other’s contribution and how to appreciate the ideas of others.
They learnt in a practical way the maths of shapes and solids. They gained an understanding of structures and how to increase their strength. They related this new knowledge to the ‘real’ world..
The work they did will support and enhance their class work in science and technology, in particular the area of structures will be informed by this morning’s work.
Some individuals who normally are a little ‘unnoticed’ in the classroom had an opportunity to shine. It was an excellent morning.

Worlingham Middle School


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