Workshop Programme

Building Experiences designs and delivers, hands on, workshop activities to promote
and encourage 'out of the box' thinking.

All of the workshops are designed to:

  • be enjoyable, stimulating, challenging and achievable

  • ensure that the maximum time is spent on the full and active participation of all who are involved

  • act as a starting point or catalyst for further invention, learning, and creativity

  • engage learners of all ages

  • promote group work, collaborative and co-operative learning

  • promote an holistic approach whereby opportunities for learning are realised which cut across traditionally recognised boundaries

A seminal workshop that uses National Curriculum subjects, creative thinking and team building to arrive at an awe-inspiring structure some 4m x 4m x 4m. Universal application and the starting point for other workshops involving the building of large structures. Maths / Science / Design & Technology / English / Cross Curricular.

RENOVATE: Participants begin by constructing a 3D scaled model of a 5-storey derelict building. They then begin to redesign its interior to bring it into the 21st Century - incorporating themes on sustainable development. Design & Technology / Maths / Science / English / Cross Curricular.

DESIGN A COMMUNITY CENTRE: Participants explore size, shape and scale to arrive at a 3D model for a new Community Centre. Through a floor-design layout they then begin to design its interior, incorporating themes on sustainability. Maths / English / Design & Technology / Art / Cross Curricular.

MAKING MODELS: Through individual, small group and finally whole class collaboration, participants explore three different techniques and the apply them by using a variety of different materials to arrive at a 3D representation for an urban site undergoing regeneration in London. Design & Technology / Science / Maths / English / Cross Curricular.

SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES OF THE FUTURE: A Housing Design Layout 'game' in which participants design and make a new housing development following principles of sustainable development. Based upon the work of Jeff Bishop and Graham Russell. Design & Technology / Maths / English / Cross Curricular.

SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS FOR BUILDINGS: A hands-on exploration of alternative, 'sustainable' materials that are becoming more widely available and used. Their properties are explored through comparison with traditionally used materials and conclusions reached with regard to a number of criteria. Science / Design & Technology / Maths / English / Cross Curricular. (Under preparation)

ART & THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT: A series of activities undertaken at or near to the school, which introduce different ways of creatively recording and interpreting the immediate surroundings. Based upon the seminal work of Eileen Adams and Colin Ward. Art / Design & Technology / Science / Maths / English / Cross Curricular.

BUILDING DOMES: Participants build a freestanding structure, 4m high x 6m wide. The workshop is illustrated and based upon the building of The Millennium Dome at Greenwich. Science / Maths / Design & Technology / English / Cross Curricular.

BRIDGES & STRUCTURES: Participants build a freestanding suspension bridge 2 m high x 8 m long. The Workshop is introduced with historical illustrations, and reference to different types of bridges. Science / Maths / Design & Technology / History / English / Cross Curricular.

EARLY YEARS LEARNING: The workshop has been designed and trialled through a commission from Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership. It allows children of nursery and pre-school age to explore shape, space, and size and to arrive at a large structure experienced through different light.

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